Cruising Along The Seine

      Galley of Loulotte Sold Ensembles

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Love locks on the Seine  River Bridge 

Loulotte has just arrived from France and is 9" of sweetness! 

Just a bit of history about Loulotte... Maurice Languereau, editor of La Semaine de Suzette and author of "The Adventures of Beccassine" had a daughter named Claude in 1921. He was inspired to create Loulotte in his cartoons in honor of his daughter and her nanny, Becassine. They however, did not produce a Loulotte doll at that time.

In 1974, Colette Merlen, a Bleuette enthusiast organized the World Congress of Bleuette and was inspired with Marie-Edith Charles, another bleuette lover to create a little souvenir doll to add to the Bleuette family.

The Musee de la Poupee in France this year is presenting a new exhibit...Becassine Reveals Loulotte's Treasures.

The Bravot Doll Company after much demand for Bleuette's little sister and in coordination with the new exhibit at the museum is now in production again for this little beauty! I hope you enjoy looking at Loulotte's trousseau.

     Seine River Bridge

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