In honor of Raggedy Ann's 100th Birthday on September 7, 1915, Ithought it would be fun to create a petite version of the beloved rag doll.

This little 3 3/4" raggedy features a hand painted face, a hand sewn muslin & felt body, a petite cotton dress, a Swiss batiste apron, stripe cotton arms & legs, bows on her toes & a silk ribbon hair bow. Her sweet wig is handcrafted and she is just adorable!
This tiny pastel raggedy is reminiscent of my college years, when I created large pastel Raggedy Anns for my Aunt's seaside boutique on the Jersey shore. They were part of her window displays. I just loved making them. Each one had it's own personality. It was so much fun to see the children's faces when they walked past the shop and saw them sitting in the window. Needless to say, they never lasted very long!
Little Loulu appropriately named after my new little French girl, Loulotte was fussing the loudest for a dollie of her own! I hope you enjoy looking at them and purchase one for your little girl to treasure.

Ceiling of the Galeries lafayette

   Shopping in Paris

The Louvre

Galeries Lafayette



   Little loulu 

  Handmade Petite Raggedy Dolls

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