The Grand Palais

      The Eiffel Tower

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In relating bits of Bleuette history, I referenced this favorite book of mine. It was written by Louise Hedrick and Barbara Craig Hilliker. It is a hardback edition titled Bleuette Clothing Patterns 1905-1960. I recommend this wonderful book to anyone who is mesmerized by our friend, Bleuette and her history that she brings to life. This lovely book is a fabulous account of Bleuette history, a historical account of the time period, the fashions along with a myriad of patterns and a guide to creating the clothing.


1. Hedrick, Hilliker Bleuette Clothing Patterns, MD. Reverie Publishing.

2. couturier, Odin Bleuette son trousseau d'origine, Paris. Musee de la Poupee-Paris. 

Champs de Mars

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