Bleuette has been the only doll to maintain a continuous 55 year written history. Reading through the accounts, lends one the chance to relive the life of a young girl in France from 1905-1960.

Bleuette arrived in the mail wearing a muslin chemise devoid of any trims. From the minute the box was opened, it prompted young girls to begin designing new presentation frocks to introduce Bleuette to their friends. Bleuette's importance has always been linked to her trousseau whether created from patterns or through ready made fashions produced by Henry Gautier and Maurice languereau.. There is a beautiful blue hardback book simply filled with their Bleuette ready made doll clothing along with the history of the pieces. It is titled Bleuette...son trousseau d'origine...Gautier-Languereau 1905-1960. It was written by Monique Couturier and Samy Odin. For Bleuette collectors this book is a journey back in time to France in the early 1900's. Using your imagination, you can envision mothers and daughters working together on creating a lovely trousseau full of perfect Bleuette cutting edge French fashions.

The French were always known for creating the most luxurious dolls and playthings. In the early 1900's, dollmakers were scrambling to become competitive in their pricing and introduce a doll for all price ranges. Many prestigious doll firms joined together and produced the SFBJ manufacturing company. They acquired head molds from various places and highly skilled craftsmen pieced everything together to create the beauty of the first Premiere Bleuette.   

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